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Some DSL ISPs of Pakistan Broadband

Some DSL ISPs of Pakistan

  • BroadBand
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  • Mobile

1: PTCL BroadBand DSL (Fiber optic Cable Network)
2: Wateen Telecom DSL(also Owner of Warid Telecom for DSL)
3: World Call Wireless DSL EVDO (Real time totally Wireless a lot of places in Pakistan)

1: PTCL Broadband:

Requires a PTCL connection and from Pk Rupee 1200/per month (First time charges=Zero, Modem+Installation Charges=zero) onwards (Minimum for a 512 Kb/s). They offer you a student package as well i.e. if you are a student of HEC recognized university/Institute, you can save upto 30% of your bill of DSL rent. . Within 2-3 days, they would confirm your registration from your institute’s registrar and later one, your package would be activated. This service is available almost everywhere in Pakistan

2: Wateen Telecom DSL: Its wireless net connection, they would provide you a device and you would need to place in somewhere. That device contains ability of making calls as well. Just pin the Jack of your simple digital (PTCL) table set and make calls. Wateen offers affordability of prepaid as well as post paid billing system while nobody else, perhaps is offering such service. First time activation Charges+Device Rent cost upto 5000-6000 Thousands. the advantage is that you can use the device anywhere.

3: World Call Wireless DSL EVDO: Known as USB-wireless device. The device is just like a standard Flash ROM device which can be inserted into USB port (PC+Laptop). It costs PKR 1200/ for 256 KBps. However, this service is available in major cities only.

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