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Wateen Internet and Telephony Services ISP Review

Wateen Internet and Telephony Services ISP Review

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Wateen Telecom is a converged communication services provider that fulfills connectivity requirements for organizations and individuals in Pakistan. Wateen Telecom delivers complete solutions for Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions that make it the most comprehensive provider for all of Pakistan’s communication necessities. An Abu Dhabi Group venture, Wateen’s vision is to take Pakistan into the digital revolution of the 21st Century and to make Pakistan a regional communications hub, connecting the East with the West and Central Asia with the Middle East.

ISP Beginning

Wateen began its operations in Pakistan in 2007, with the deployment of the largest fiber optic network in the country. Moreover, Wateen is the world’s first company to commercially roll out a WiMAX network on a nationwide scale. Wateen currently services over 250,000 WiMAX subscribers, provides enterprise solutions and data services to over 200 leading organizations and its wired (HFC/GPON) network reaches over 15,000 households in Lahore and Multan.

With a new strategic vision and management in place, Wateen has steadily improved its service provision and its corporate structure to adequately reflect its corporate motto and beliefs of ‘Enabling Customer Lifestyles’. Wateen is aiming to help shape the education, social and economic development in the country using broad-based internet provision.

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